Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cope Studios…

The Haven
~ Professional Fine Art Studios ~
926 Western Ave Ste. A & B
Glendale, CA. 91201

Welcome Potential Teachers at Cope Studios!!

We’re currently looking for outgoing and fun instructors for adult fine art classes who already have a solid student following.  We’re encouraging 8-1o week classes, one time, and weekend workshops.

Instructor Commitments:
  • Advertise and promotion of your own classes.
  • Student follow up for classes from signing them up through the completion of the course
  • The instructor is in charge of full communication with your students (we are not an art center; we are a host to your class).
  • Providing materials or material lists for your students.
  • Professionalism: Timely, personable, respectful of all types of personalities, master of what you teach, self-motivated and tidy (You are representing our studio)

Studio Commitments. We Provide:
  • 30 x 36 ft fine art work space
  • 18 work stations along the perimeter of the room
  • Assisting with forwarding and re-posting on social media within reason.
  • Lighting
  • Heaters
  • Model Stand/ Model paraphernalia
  • 8 Academic “H” frame easel
  • 15 drawing benches
  • Backdrops
  • Chairs/ stools
  • Slop sinks
  • Four downstairs bathrooms
  • Locking Student/Teacher storage for an additional monthly fee
  • Sound system for music

  • The breakdown for the studio fee is 65% Instructor/ 35% Studio Host.
  • No matter how many students you end up with, the percentage remains the same so large and small classes are welcomed.
  • Any noxious materials or power tools need to be pre-approved by Karen before each class (i.e. mold making).

  • Cancellation Period: If there are no students signed up for you class two weeks before the start date, the class will be cancelled, and a non-refundable deposit for the next class will be applied.

Registration Information



Phone #:____________________________________________________________________

Requested Dates and times (i.e. Every Tue from 7-10pm):


  1. List all Social Networks you are using to promote your work

  1. Where were you trained and what type of artwork will you be teaching?

  1. What is the student age group?

                                  Kids Teens Adults
  1. How many students are you expecting to teach in each class?
  1. What noxious materials and power tools do you use?

  1. How do you plan to dispose of hazardous materials? Such as turpentine, paint thinner etc?


 1080 Sq Ft. Model Room 

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  1. How great place! Thanks for these pictures and complete details. I just got to know about such an event at some domestic event venues in Los Angeles. If you have any official details regarding that event then please let me know!! I am dying to be the part of that show.