Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Art Studio Rentals

Only A Few Studios Available!!!


Studio #2
10' x 13'
$285/ month 

                            Upstairs Bathroom double sinks                  Upstairs Slop Sink 

                                  Wide Stairwell (no elevator)              Upstairs Model Room

                                    Studio #2 10' x 13'                                 Studio #2  10'x 13'
                                        $285/ month                                        $285/ month

Warehouse Studios
10' x 15'

                                    Downstairs Hallway                         Model Room Hallway

                                   Warehouse Studio                                    Warehouse Studio
                                         $335  10'x 15'                                         $335   10'x 15'

Studio #1
13' x 15'

                          Upstairs Bathroom  w/ double sinks         Upstairs back Hallway 

Studio #1     15' x 13'


Indoor Downstairs Studios
14' x 11 1/2'

                                Indoor Studio Hallway                       Indoor Downstairs Studio         
                                                                                             $425/month   14' x 11.5'

Storage with Larger Shared Space

What is a Nook?

                     Check out this video of the Nooks and their 1080sqft shared space model room!

                                             NOOK                             Downstairs Figure Model Room
                                         $135/month                                              1080sqft

~ NOOKS include 12 hours of Figure Model time per month ~ (except major holidays)
 The Large shared space can be used 24/7 through out the week as well as when classes and workshops are running (Usually Saturdays and Tuesday nights are the only times the space is being used for workshops and we ask Nook artists to work at their nooks at that time so the middle of the room can be used for workshops). Nook artist can join in on those workshops at a discounted rate~
24/7 Access with storage Cabinets.

 Large Bay Door Access to Warehouse Studios      On Site Parking in Front Lot and Side lot
                                                                                  as well as street parking and under the overpass

                                     Gallery I                                                 Gallery I
                                            Gallery I                                                 Gallery I

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