Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring 2012 Sculpting at Cope Studios

10 Week Sessions

Saturday Figure Sculpting

May 5th- July 7th, 2012
10am-1pm $425 (30hrs model & Instruction time)

2pm-5pm $425 (30hrs model & Instruction time)

Full Day 10am-5pm* $795 (60hrs model & Instruction time)
*Lunch Break 1pm-2pm

Come and Discover "The Speed in Which Form Turns" as you dive into sculpting the Figure, Portrait, Torso or a combination of all three. Most Students begin working half life-size with the figure or venture into life-size portraiture. Future more experienced works consist of life-size Torso to quick sketch sculpture. We work from one model over a 10 week long pose maximizing our time learning to see and translate truths from nature. The Saturday Sculpting Class welcomes sculptors of all levels of experience where you'll encounter students who have never touched clay before to the working professional. Karen's approach is to take each student to their next level on their specific path thru individualized critiques.

Contact Karen Cope at 818.913.7187 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday Sight-Size Bargue Drawing

May 5th- July 7th, 2012

10am-1pm $375 (30hrs Instruction time)
2pm-5pm $375 (30hrs Instruction time)
Full Day 10am-5pm* $650 (60hrs Instruction time)

Working from the Charles Bargue Drawing course, Karen will take you thru the Sight-Size Method of Academic Drawing as you study from the old masters drawings. Increase your confidence behind the easel as you learn to achieve greater accuracy and sharpen your eye as you begin in graphite and progress to large charcoal drawings.

Saturday Beginning Sculpting Techniques:

Process & Precision
May 5th- July 7th, 2012
10am-1pm $375 (30hrs Instruction time)

2pm-5pm $375 (30hrs Instruction time)

Full Day 10am-5pm* $650 (60hrs Instruction time)

Master the Basics of sculpting as we work from plaster casts to cover all foundational aspects of sculpting from the Drawing in Space Process, to clay application to materials to surface modeling. This class is perfect for the beginner who has never touched clay to the intermediate who want to sharpen up their accuracy skill base to master The Drawing in Space Techniques before approaching the model.

Tuesday Evening Figure Sculpting

May 8th-July 10th

6pm-9pm $425 (30hours model time & Instruction)
$225 (30hours model time, Uninstructed)
This Evening Figure Sculpting Class invites you to bring your work to the next level as you can learn to "see" in a whole new light. Over this long pose we cover the basics of Proportion, Gesture, and rhythms as well as delving into the advanced ideas of "The Speed in Which Form Turns" and understanding the Drawing in Space method that will gain you more consistency and accuracy in your work. Students choose to focus on Figure, Portrait, Relief or Torso.
~All Levels of Experience Welcome~

Sign up Now~ Contact Karen at 818.913.7187 or sending in a deposit($200 minimum) to hold your spot to...

Cope Studios

926 Western Ave Ste. A

Glendale, CA. 91201

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Karen is now Teaching on the West Side at Brentwood Art Center Fridays from 10am-1pm, now enrolling.

Note: Armatures & Clay ($10 for 25lbs bag) are sold out of Cope Studios just email Karen a heads up to be sure what you need is in stock. A small selection of Harwood modeling tools are available for student use. Email if you'd like to request a payment plan, Cope Studios is happy to accommodate.


Friday's Foundational Painting By Julie Snyder

10am-1pm (6week ongoing sessions) At Cope Studios

Sign Up Now...Contact Julie Snyder at (818) 621-2523 or

Wednesday Night Uninstructed Workshop


7-10pm $15 run by Julie Snyder at Cope Studios

Come Paint, Come Draw, Come Sculpt!

Call Julie to confirm (818) 621-2523 or

Julie posts about the models she has lined up and if its a one or a two week long pose on a facebook group page that sends out reminders to your email. The page is called Figure Painting and Sculpting Workshops L.A.


~Sculpting At Cope Studios~ Addicted to Clay~

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