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France: Sculpting September 2010

Frontenay Sur Dive, France 2010

Here we gather around the main table to get our morning business straight for our last day transitioning in Paris, before we set out for our day visit to St Loup.

Kate did a wonderful job translating, for all the arrangements.

Crusing around the village, this was a major construction site.

The Cellar and out-structures to the main house.

The main house's front entry.

...and lovely old barn

The Cathedral in St. Loup.

Lovely light... can you find Julie in this picture?

Numbered pews...

Awesome metal work on the main doors.

Laura painted this majestic river as this fisherman is perched on his stool enjoying a beautiful day in St. Loup.

The streets of St. Loup

Wood, brick and mortar holds these very very old wall up.

We visited Voltaire's Mothers home in ST loup


One of the tour gides for thee home tours

Kim painting our lovely cows just across the road from our house

Julie joined us...

Julie, Kim and Cate paints as the sun sets and I sculpt.

I was drawn to this corn field and I hope the relief I did of it captures it well.

Frontenay was so small we were always in walking distance of exiting the village.

hay bales outside our window.

One of my sculpted cows mooing~ this guy had character.

Smiling Sheep!

I came across this abandoned work room that looks like it hadnt been touched in years...maybe decades.


lovely narrow walkways and fun brick and pipe arangements.

Oh the unique door knockers and bells were everywhere!

Christiane and Robert came over for apeitizers and fun stories as Cate did a fantastic job translating. We even hit on old stories of WWII they spoke of as kids.

The fruit of Robert's years of laboring over his vast garden. These tomatoes were huge like the size of softballs and some bigger! They were incredibly tasty and dense. lovely yummy!

Robert's amazing garden!

Iren dices them up for that nights dinnerd~

Our fearless leader Julie dishes up the goods! Rabbit stew tonight~

Fun and active meal times always had lots going on!

Sunsrises and tractors~

On the road to Richelieu

The main Cathedral in Richelieu

The food end of the market was held in this awesome lofty structure.

The wood beams were huge and soooo impressively old and weathered.

Laura and Kim check out the sunrise.

wood mixed with stone, I just love it~

Now this was the Cardinals pallace that was surrounded with stunning grounds and was so picturesque.

The entry to the palace grounds

the is on the west end of the grounds.

The river twists and turns throughout as 2 swans went about their morning routeen of bathing and grooming . It was such a royal feeling.

Vast walk ways all tree lined and gorgeous.

And the old stone work was enchanting

Vines twisted and climbed all over this gazebo

the pond filled with lillies...a painters dream.

Laura and I stopped to say hello to these deer...some were complely white like albino white. They all followed up along the gate and we fed them chestnuts from the grounds and boy did they love them!

Daimes in french~

This billy goat was straight out of a fairytale book, and did this guy have a fun personality!

In the market each seller had their specialty...and his was Cheese!

Kim buying Oysters in Richelieu!

I meet up and take a pic or two of these fun French women out for their morning walk.

The market in full swing now selling all kinds of goods. No need for Target here~

Kicking back at the cafe overlooking the market.

shops shops and more shops!

Peering thru the keyhole...

Julie snaps a shot too!

And check out these short doors~

I'm in love with all the stone and grass springing up inbetween!

The bakery...

And all out on their bikes...good reason the French can eat so well and still be in fantastic shape~

Back in the palace for more pictures of the grounds

Grass covered rooftops is something I want went I build my own studios.

Check out this sculpture of Cardinal Richelieu's pinky finger on the top hand has been broken off and glued back on backwards! I guess teenagers never change~

Want to buy a Castle or Chateau? I had to stop in this real estate office and inquire. The british owner was a pleasent surprise when it came to discussing properties. There is some great potential out there for Artistic getaways and yearlong workshops~

Joan enjoys her morning coffee and paper by the pool.

Our lovely local baker posed for us and brought her 2 little ones for the afternoon.

What a great night for a fire and lovely dinner~!

Her son goofed and played with me as he snaped picture with my camera~

Cate having fun with the kids too!

Enjoying our meal together~

Laura and the little girl were communicating even with a major language barrier.

This darling little girl captured all our she wiggles and plays on the floor.

the son captures me in prime form.

and he shows off his muscles.

Her husband joined us for dinner then had to rush off to prepare the dough for baking of the next day.

The local cemetary was finally open the last day and I couldnt resist snaping some shots of the packed grave yard.

oh back to showing off our cool second house across town, this is the cool square stairwell.

looking down over the bannister you can see a foyer 2nd entry way leading out to the pool.

This was the smallest WC water closet I'd ever seen. You had to duck to get in and sit down and the sink and tub was across the hall.

This tub looked old but was made out of what looked like fiberglass or resin. It flexed and was by no means cast Iron but still looked cool in the old style.

More snacks with our generous neighbors.

Today Lani, Laura and I headed to the largest cattle house in France and we passed through Gourge a picturesque little area.

This beautiful bridge that is now only a walking bridge was built in the 1500's.

Check out the old stone work.

So here we are at the cattle house which turned out to be a huge slaughter house... not the picturesque place we imagined.

EEK! cram packed with sheep, the place had an eerie feel to it.

These horned goats were pretty impressive.

The place was huge.

And there was a school group of young kids touring the place that day. We werent the only ones!

Awe graffiti is everywere...this one was impressive.

So after the dissappointment of the slaughter house we happened along this fun large market. In it were all kinds of clothes and items and then we found the art supplies tent.

Tons of shoes...

And 17 euros didnt seam like such a bargan for house slippers! yikes the prices are high everywhere~

These kids stole the show as many took their pictures in the traditional school clothes.

It was a fun day walking the village as well, lots of people were out and so was the sun!

Pasteries and Pig snouts in the Market window, YUM!

We're now back home and here's the beautiful chruch in Frontenay.

Back at our house after the day trip I took some pictures of our house. I lucked out with my room. Great light and spacious.

Laura's room...

Vera & Joans room...

The Kitchen...

Our dining room and living area

Our pool at our house had a heater to warm it up for us but we never figured out how to turn it on~ oh well we were busy as it was.

Here we are back in Poitier waiting for the train and catching a quick bite to eat.

Vera shows off her muscles as we wait for our train

Making plans as we head home

The Piles of luggage

Last meal in Paris with the group. Tomorrow I head home but the others take a few more days in Paris.

It was an enchanting evening and a fantastic trip. I 'm excited to see all these fun women again at our opening exhibition at the Addison Gallery in Cape Cod MA. June 2011 where we will show all the works created on this trip.

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