Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sculpt Across America Goes International~ France!

Sculpt Across America Goes International!!!

I've just returned from Sculpt Across America and was invited to join 12 wonderful Professional Female Fine Artist to create in France for 10 days. This was too good to pass up so yes I'm here and I'm sculpting. Actually, I'm the only sculptor crazy enough to bring clay, armatures and sculpting stands with me and I'm so glad I did. Check out this first days of pictures and I'll write more as it goes.

A few of us went on a scouting trip on bikes and Vera was on top of her game!

One of the lovely homes we are staying in had this huge dining room table that fits all 13 of us. This is where we are meeting at for meals and "home base" its has many rooms, and large garden yard, patio, upstairs and downstairs living rooms and there will be more pictures to come.

This lovely horse kept coming up to me today posing for me so I did a relief portrait of him as we all set up in the fields of France.

I made an adapter for this tripod so it turns into a sculpting stand and then rotates up into a relief stand. Works pretty good and am already planning improvements for its design. Well its 1:30 am and this blog has just glitched again. So I'm calling it a night and will have to do more tomorrow.

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  1. good to hear from you, looks and sounds exciting. enjoy love, Aunt Denny